British Caving Association Membership Forms

Membership application forms are available as follows. Membership of the British Cave Research Association is an optional extra to all BCA membership categories.

Individual Membership
(form M1)

You can join BCA as an individual member by completing Form M1, either online or by downloading an application form.

As well as a "direct" Individual Member (Form M1), BCA also has a class of membership called "Club" Individual Member. Membership benefits are similar, but applications and payments are handled by your caving club, rather than by BCA. For further information, please ask your caving club, or visit the BCA web site.

Group Membership
(form M2)

Clubs, Groups and other organisations can join by downloading an application form from the BCA web site, where there is information about membership fees and benefits for this class of membership.

Associate Membership
(form M3)

Outdoor Activity service providers, Businesses and other Corporate bodies can join by downloading an application form here. Please visit the BCA web site for information about membership fees and benefits for this class of membership.
to BCRA periodicals (form M4)
You can subscribe to BCRA's periodicals Cave & Karst Science (ISSN 1356-191X) and the CREG Journal (ISSN 1361-4800) without becoming a member of BCA. (Please note that Speleology (ISSN 1478-999X) is no longer published). This may be the cheaper option if you live overseas or do not need other benefits of membership. To order a subscription please use Form M4 on the BCRA web site.
BCRA Publications For information about BCRA's books and periodicals, please visit the BCRA Bookshop.


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