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You have probably been re-directed to this page because JavaScript (also called 'active scripting') is not running. (See message box above). If you are trying to access online publications or trying to use a shopping cart then you will need to enable JavaScript. For information on what JavaScript is, and how to enable it, please click here. If you are trying to use an email or phone link, please read on...

The email addresses that appear on these pages are protected from spammers, who sometimes run software that searches the Internet looking for email addresses to 'harvest'. The email protection feature uses JavaScript (also called 'active scripting') and this does not appear to be enabled on your browser.

You can still use the email addresses but you will have to manually paste the address into your email package. If the e-mail link appeared like this... membership[at]british-caving... ... then you just need to copy and paste that text into your mailer, remembering to replace [at] with the @ symbol and to add the missing part of the domain name, .org.uk or whatever.

You may find it more convenient to enable JavaScript, so that email addresses are 'clickable' in your browser. For information on what JavaScript is, and how to enable it, please click here.


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British Caving Association, The Old Methodist Chapel, Great Hucklow, BUXTON, SK17 8RG
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